It looks like Apple has finally launched iTunes Match in Australia, however it doesn’t appear to be “officially” launched yet (as of the time of writing 3:32 PM 15/12/2011). There’s no clear link to purchase a subscription and there are reports of people having issues with their account.

Here is a direct link if you can’t find it on the store page.

I just purchased a subscription. It asked me to sign out and then sign in again, and after doing so it deducted the cost ($35) from much account. I received an email with a receipt too (below). Time to upgrade some old low-bitrate tracks!

Update: 3:48 PM
So it seems I got a little excited. You can purchase an account, but you can’t actually turn the feature on yet it would seem… Will have to wait and see if this updates soon.

Update 16/12/2011 10:05 AM
It’s now live (properly). Currently gathering information about my library and uploading.