When I initially set up my Z-Wave system I ordered the Vera2 server. The Vera3 was only weeks away, but with the way my work schedule is, I only get specific windows of time to work on personal projects so I went with the Vera 2.

Recently the maker of the product, along with smarthome.com.au has had a rebate sale on the Vera3 if you upgrade from version 2. This made me a little nervous as it seems they are trying to get Vera2’s off the market. In the past when I’ve seen companies do this sort of thing it’s meant that support for the old version won’t last much longer. Judging by how the interface software (UI5) runs on my Vera2, I’m guessing it might be the case here too. (It’s very sluggish).

So, with that in mind, I’ve ordered the Vera3. Hopefully it’s a little more refined and has a more responsive UI. I guess time will tell. Will post the results once I get it setup and everything is transferred over.